Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

ittle organic/bio/permaculture garden

10 Tips to Started with Organic Gardening

September 23, 2020 organics

Imagine providing your family with food that you know is healthy, because you grew it yourself without the help of chemicals. With organic gardening this is possible. Redenta’s Organic gardening involves using natural pest control and fertilizers to grow flowers, Read more…

Monstera plant

Turn your garden into a paradise

July 26, 2020 organics

Gardening has always felt rather daunting. I don’t like worms, would rather do anything than weed and, garden centres (without any knowledge about soil type or garden design) have never appealed. There’s something about garden centres; they re like a Read more…

Watering plants in the garden

How to Collect Water

July 25, 2020 organics

A place with stable water supply is important to off the grid way of life. A drilled well is typical and it requires the usage of the pump and a huge collection tank designed for water storage. A well is Read more…

People with placards and posters on global strike for climate change.

Climate-Friendly Garden

June 9, 2019 organics

What you plant in your climate-friendly garden depends on many factors that you’ll need to know and consider before choosing the plants that you’re going to grow. Go by Your Climate Zone – Before you even plan a garden, you Read more…

Figures from the bushes in different shapes, park

Landscape Gardening

October 12, 2020 organics

A well maintained, attractive garden is well known to add value to a property so it goes without saying that landscaping your garden will have a similar effect. Although there are some very skilled gardeners out there, usually landscaping would Read more…

Irrigation System Building

Drip Irrigation Boon to the agriculture and plants

August 17, 2020 organics

Landscape gardening and a lovely well kept garden is what that soars the face value of your building very quickly. You can find several benefits that such a well preserved garden stretches for you as a family living in the Read more…

Bumble bee

Attract Wildlife into Your Garden

June 9, 2019 organics

In a garden, you plant strategically to attract natural predators to take care of the pests you don’t want in your garden. Here are some ways you can work toward attracting predators to help care for your garden naturally. Doing Read more…

Interior of greenhouse

Every Gardener Wants a Greenhouse

September 2, 2020 organics

At this time of year people start to contemplate whether to buy a greenhouse or not. Since owning a greenhouse requires both money and time, its a good thing to ask a few questions before you decide one way or Read more…

Gardening tools in the greenhouse

Lean-to greenhouses

June 9, 2019 organics

What exactly are lean-to greenhouses? Everyone knows about or has heard about normal greenhouses, but not many of us know about lean to greenhouse. A lean to greenhouse is essentially the same as a normal greenhouse, except for one important Read more…

Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware

Make Your Products and Services Greener

July 25, 2020 organics

There are a number of ways to start creating green products and services for your business. Your approach will depend on whether or not you are just starting a business, or have been in business for a while and wish Read more…