Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

Lean-to greenhouses

Gardening tools in the greenhouse

What exactly are lean-to greenhouses? Everyone knows about or has heard about normal greenhouses, but not many of us know about lean to greenhouse. A lean to greenhouse is essentially the same as a normal greenhouse, except for one important difference. They are all attached to a fixed, upright structure, like the wall of your house.

This is obviously different to the normal freestanding greenhouse that is usually situated in a quiet corner of the garden somewhere. So why is there a need for a lean to green house? Well for starters, they are cheaper to build and maintain because you are only using half the normal greenhouse structure.

They are also sturdier than normal greenhouses, because they are attached to a fixed structure and have the reliability of a solid wall next to them.

Due to the nature of greenhouses or at least the reason for having a greenhouse, you need to ensure that your greenhouse is constructed from highly durable materials like the ones that you get from Gabriel Ash. Greenhouses are designed to allow a specific type of light to shine through it, so as to have a heating effect within the structure itself.

The designers can make use of two options for it, namely normal glass or a type of transparent plastic with a special coating, both of which will only allow a part of the ultra-violet spectrum, that you get from sun-light, to penetrate into the greenhouse.

The result is a heating effect within the structure heating the air as well as the ground, to create ideal growing conditions for the plants inside the greenhouse.

The sun causes many of these materials to wear away over long periods, and so it would be beneficial to make them durable so you do not have to replace them too often. Even though you may spend a bit more for the materials, you will at least have the pleasure of keeping your greenhouse intact for much longer, instead of continuously spending money to have panels replaced.

By keeping the structure intact all the time you have a two-fold effect for the plants or vegetables that are growing inside. Firstly, it ensures that you keep the required heat inside of the house and not allowing it to escape, creating your preferred growing conditions.

A warmer environment is beneficial for the plants and vegetables to grow in and with the normal metabolic processes of plants; it maintains moisture levels within it as well.

The second reason it that it keeps the external conditions outside of the greenhouse. Extensive cold periods can kill your plants or vegetables off and all your efforts can go to waste because of a few days of frost or bad weather.

Overall, as any gardening enthusiast will tell you, all these factors combined will help to create ideal growing conditions, regardless of the weather and it keep your plants healthy and thriving to provide you with all the enjoyment that only your plants and flowers can.